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Measure now all joints with PRO MOTION CAPTURE.

PRO MOTION CAPTUREIf you can measure it, you can control it.

Pro Motion Capture is the revolutionary system for measuring the joint range of all joints of the human body. If you can measure it, you can control it. With this new solution you will be able to make quick, precise and objective assessments of the articulation range of practically the entire human body. Generate your full report in record time and lean on our work video games designed specifically for each articulation that needs to work.


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The ENLAZA sensor is an inertial device designed to capture movement based on which 2 products have been designed. Basic Pro and Pro Motion Capture.

Werium Assistive Solutions has always wanted the ENLAZA sensor to be easily adjustable to any articulation of the body, that’s why we offer a simple solution to place in which the user does not have to use more than a few seconds for its placement.

The ENLAZA sensor pursues two fundamental purposes: a objective assess the joint range of motion and to practice exercises through video games (exercise gaming) designed to work on certain joints from an entertainment and leisure perspective.

Our products are addressed to all those centers, institutions, clinics, hospitals, foundations and companies that need a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use system for using video games for special purposes, for objective and accurate assessment systems of joint range of motion and for rehabilitation scenarios designed by Healthcare professionals.

We place the sensors to the body limb, we perform the calibration with a click and we can begin to work.

Inside your product box you can find a pen drive. It contains some video tutorials that explaining in detail all you need to know to start working with your system.

The ENLAZA sensor has a guaranteed autonomy of 3 hours.

You will be notified when there is a new update for your system.

All Werium products are guaranteed for 2 years as long as the fault is not due to misuse of the system.

You can use the sensors up to 10 meters from the computer or tablet.

It works on Windows PCs and tablets with at least 4GB of RAM.
We are working to make it fully operational on OSX.

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