The physiologist's digital goniometer

connect and measure

In less than a minute, get the assessment of the body damage of your patients in a full report

Every movement is registered

Compare measurements

Now you can observe the evolution of your patients in the most objective way that exists


System for measuring the joint range of all joints of the human body.


Generate your complete report in record time and lean on our rehabilitation scenarios designed specifically for each articulation that needs to be worked on.


With this new solution you will be able to make quick, precise and objective assessments of the joint range of the entire human body.


Pro Motion Capture is clinically validated by the best professionals in physiotherapy.


Personalized therapies through videogames

Work your joint range and motor control like you've never done

Do you want to know how it works?

Select an articulation to witness a virtual demonstration

Click on the articulation to see the demonstration and click once again, to hide it, and see the demonstration of another articulation, following the same process.


With the Pro Motion Capture product, physiotherapists can make complete assessments of the range of their patients in a precise, easy and fast way. The joints that Pro Motion Capture covers are: cervical, shoulders, lumbar, hips, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, all of them in all possible planes of movement. Generate a complete and concrete report of the joint in treatment, obtain objective measures and offer your patients an extra motivation to go to your clinic.
Each articulation is a world and deserves a personalized treatment. That is why we have designed video games specifically designed to treat each articulation in particular. With them you can do different rehabilitation of your patients and make the heavy rehabilitation process something entertaining and innovative.

Available colours

You can choose any of the five available customization colors.

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