Advanced joint range of movement

Objectives and Functionalities

Basic Pro has been specifically designed for physiotherapists. The system is a device especially designed for the measurement of the advanced cervical joint range of motion. The data collected by the sensors can be plotted and exported for further analysis. Basic Pro generates a complete and professional report with very relevant information for the clinical staff and the patients. Basic Pro captures the movements in the flexoextension, lateral inclinations and rotation planes. With Basic Pro you can obtain a complete and objective assessment of the cervical joint range of movement of your patients in less than 1 minute. Buying Basic Pro system, videogames for therapeutic purposes will be included. They are key to increase the patients’ adherence enhancing the entertaining and a different rehabilitation.


Use this system to capture the user's head movements. It measures the cervical range in the planes of inclination, flexotension and lateral rotation with greater stability due to the relative measurement between head and trunk.


Compare the measures of different sessions and observe the evolution of the movements. Exports the data collected by the sensors for further analysis.


It generates a clinical report with detailed information of the results obtained during the measurements.

Available Colours

You can choose any of the five available customization colors.

Box Contents

  • 2 Inertial Sensors
  • Motion capture software
  • Charger
  • Fastening Strap
  • Adhesive for the Second Sensor

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