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About Us

We are Werium

Werium Assistive Solutions SL. is a spin-off company born from the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) in 2015. At Werium we believe that emerging technologies offer great opportunities to create innovative, low-cost and user-friendly solutions to serve as a tool to support the clinical staff or anyone who needs an objective and reliable system, valuation of the joint range of the locomotor system and the use of video games that promote joint mobility.

Our ambition is to reinforce the tools available to physiotherapists to treat their patients on a daily basis. We believe that with more advanced technology a more efficient, faster and better quality work can be done.

With our software we offer an extra security in the assessment and personalized exercises of the patients providing these processes with the objectivity they deserve.

Our mission is to bring to the world innovative devices that support clinical personnel in the physiotherapy area. We want to equip professionals with pioneering and high-tech equipment that helps physiotherapists to carry out their work in a more objective, quick and precise manner. For this we create devices with 3 clear objectives: systems for assessing the range of the human body and offering the possibility of personalizing exercises for patients through video games.

We are excited to start with the ENLAZA sensor. ENLAZA is an inertial sensor developed by Werium that allows us to achieve our three main objectives.



Clinical Tools


History and Achievements

ABC Project

  • Our C.E.O. is recognized among the best innovators under 35, MIT Technology Review, for the device that ended up becoming the current ENLAZA.
  • Werium is formally created.
  • Werium obtains the second prize to the best technology-based idea in 2015, by the ‘Fundación para el Conocimiento Madrid+d’.
  • Werium is awarded in the first Caixa Impulse program for its scientific entrepreneurship by Fundación la Caixa.
  • WERIUM ASSISTIVE SOLUTIONS S.L., spin off of the Spanish National Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), has the financial support of the NEOTEC program, in its 2015 edition. Through this program the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness grants through the Center for Industrial Technological Development (Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, CDTI) some grants with the objective of supporting the creation and consolidation, in its early stages, of companies that require the development of technologies or knowledge generated from the research activity.
  • Werium wins the second award Innova eVIA 2016 in the SME category, by the AMETIC Foundation.
  • Werium receives the ‘Emprende In Health Award’ for participating in the program to support entrepreneurs with social impact in the health field.
  • Werium Assistive Solutions is a finalist in the ONCE Foundation Discapnet prizes awarded by The Queen.



Over 50 companies in 20 countries have shown interest in Werium products.